Prepaid Cremation Plans Consumer Tip

Prepaid Cremation Plans Consumer Tip

We know that looking for, or even thinking about, funeral insurance is not a pleasant experience. However, this is an important financial decision for you and your family. It is imperative that in the end you choose a final expense insurance company that you feel comfortable with, and someone who will pay a death benefit to your family at the time of your death.

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This article will highlight some of the best funeral insurance companies available in 2018. Feel free to read this article, or call us at (844) 334-6133 to discuss this topic. A five minute phone call is all that is needed to get AARP cremation insurance information from one of our agents.

Prepaid Cremation Plans Consumer Tip

Prepaid Cremation Plans Consumer Tip
Prepaid Cremation Plans Consumer Tip

Find the best burial insurance.
The average cost of the funeral in recent decades has become astronomical. For a typical funeral, you can expect to pay between $ 10,000 and $ 20,000 depending on where you live and your personal burial preferences.

So what are you doing to help prepare for that cost?

You could search the Internets for funeral insurance to cover the expenses of your final funeral life, but who wants to spend their free time doing that?

Wherever you look, you have a different company that tells you what is “best” for you. How do you know which is the right plan for you?

Are you paying a lot?

Do you pay very little? Do you have the coverage you need to ensure that your loved ones do not worry about the financial burden of unpaid funeral expenses?

With all the wrong information available, we are here to help you get to the bottom of everyone and answer those prepaid cremation questions for you. It can be extremely frustrating and, at times, simply confusing. One site says one thing, while another site almost says exactly the opposite. Where do you start?

The basics
First things first, what is burial insurance or final expense insurance? In short, it is a type of insurance that pays its beneficiaries (who would like to collect their benefit) after their death. As long as you have a policy with any prepaid cremation insurance company, that company will be obligated to pay the death benefit directly to whomever you choose.

Affordable prepaid cremation plans

This prepaid cremation plans insurance policy will allow your family peace of mind knowing that their final living expenses will be covered and paid. As long as you get enough coverage, your family will not have the burden of having to make up the difference. If there are any funds left in the policy, your family can use the income in the way you or they think it is convenient. There are no restrictions on how the funeral insurance product can be used.

You should also ask each company how long it takes to pay the death benefit to the beneficiary. Not all companies are equal, when it is time to file a claim for death. Certain companies pay in 48-72 hours, while others may take weeks.

Here are the three different types to compare:

Benefit for death at the level: the senior citizen insurance of the funeral of the benefit for death at level is the traditional type of cremation insurance coverage. It is effective immediately and the premiums will never increase. It provides the greatest amount of coverage of any type of prepaid cremation insurance.

No medical exams are needed and the application process could take a few minutes, a few business days.

Qualified death benefit: Waiting period of two years after acceptance. Given to applicants with serious health complications. Less coverage available than with a traditional plan. Limited subscription. You can pay 30% of the death benefit in the first year of the policy, and then 70% of the death benefit in the second year of the policy.

Guaranteed issue: permanent policy that has a waiting period of two years in the death benefit. In general, if the death occurs in the first two years of the prepaid cremation insurance policy, all premiums paid plus 10% interest are paid to the beneficiary. Simple application that takes less than 10 minutes for approval. Without subscription.

Funeral Insurance For Seniors

Before surrendering out of sheer frustration, let him go … that’s why we’re here. We are here to help you better understand the best way to buy life insurance that allows you to make an informed decision. The following article will break down, in our opinion, the best funeral insurance companies for 2018.

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